Your 10 benefits


High-quality, personal service from A-Z. A single dedicated butler to serve you and your brand.

As we have set the objective of increasing the proportion of sustainable items in our product range, we emphasise the following five eco-product groups in our catalogue:  

- Products made from waste

- Products made from recycled materials

- Products made from biobased materials

- Products made from biodegradable materials

- Products made from natural materials

No greenwashing:

- Certificates available for all products.

- Impact collection with AWARE

Brand-Butler actively works to include original promotional items in its catalogue. 

Internal brainstorm sessions lead to a presentation of products that underline the value of a brand and help to stand out from the standard available items on the market with unique characteristics.

Would your organisation like partial deliveries to Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow and Singapore? No problem! We will take care of the logistics and are happy to help you deliver your brand to your relations across the globe.

Our butlers will go the extra mile. Whether you have a very short deadline or a complex request we always propose a proper solution. We can deliver many items from stock with your branding within 2-3 working days and sometimes even faster if we apply an express production and delivery. 

Are you looking for an item which you have not found in our online shop or in one of our catalogues? No stress. We often provide promotional products to our clients that are not necessarily displayed. Thanks to our experience and well-developed network of suppliers we are able to source very specific items for you.


Thanks to our increasing purchase volumes, you benefit from the most competitive prices on the market. We apply the best price guarantee and benchmark model.

Throughout the years we have developed strong partnerships and make our clients benefit from our sourcing experience.

Best price guarantee: You can be sure of buying with us at the best rate. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we will match the lower rate.

Benchmark model: Brand-Butler compares prices with at least 3 online competitors to determine the lowest market price. Based on pre-discussed terms companies get an additional discount on top of the proven lowest market price. The difference between the lowest market price and the discount is the efficiency booked.

We provide free visuals of our items with your logo/artwork. This enables you to have a good understanding of what to expect. 

For bigger and more complex projects our Inhouse graphic studio creates mood boards.

Our standard delivery times are two days after production is completed. If you have a specific deadline, we can often arrange a next-day express delivery.

The bespoke development of premium items and merchandise has been our specialty since we began operating in 2007. We create tailor-made packaging to round off the production in line with your specific requirements.

Our butlers are experienced professionals who share their knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of your projects with you. And with the products and printed/branding options we propose, the focus is firmly on quality too. 

Thanks to our experience we only work with reliable partners and stand behind the items and imprints of our items.

If you would be not satisfied with the end result, we will reproduce without any hesitation.



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