Printing techniques

Having your logo printed with the widest range of printing techniques has never been so easy.
These are the main techniques used to print your logo. 


Illustratie: Sublimatie


Main advantage of screen printing is the unique result you can achieve. It can be applied on a  variety of materials but mostly used on fabrics since a larger size can be achieved. 


Pad printing is a technique where rubber stamps are used to print the logo on the item. With this technique you achieve a sharper finish and a perfect colour matching (PMS) is achievable. 



Digital printing is done by placing the product under a four-color digital printer. Compared to the conventional technique it is a more environmental friendly solution.  


Digital Label is used on items where no other technique can be applied. With his method full colour label is printed and stuck on the most optimum position of the product.


Laser engraving can be applied to items made of natural materials like wood and metals. With laser engraving the result of branding is precise, clean and permanent. 


Digital Transfer is one of the most popular methods for full colour logos and designs. This Four Colour Process hits over thousands of colours resulting in a photographic quality decoration. 


Economic option for simpler designs. The logo is printed on a sheet by means of serigraphy (which allows 1 to 8 colours) and then transferred to the product.


The technique of ceramic transfer printing is applied to ceramic promotional cups and items where the logo is printed on a sheet and transferred by water.


Sublimation is one of the few methods you can print full coloured images onto hard surfaes or polyester coated items. Number of colours is unlimited for complete customized logos.


Embroidery is a very popular technique in products such as caps, textiles or advertising bags where the finishing touch is in the sewn logo with woven threads. 


Round screen printing is a method that allows round personalisation. It is an optimum solution for the popular reusable bottles since, due to its form,  the print position is larger than can be achieved using the traditional printing method. 


Embossing is a popular technique for marking products made of leather, PU or cardboard. The logo is stamped on the material being sunk and making it indelible.


The doming procedure consists of printing the logo on a self adhesive label domed with an epoxy resin layer. It is a durable solution and cannot be easily scratched or dented. 


The print is carried out prior to assembly of the item. This allows for a full customized design.