Our Projects

Brand-Butler is specialised in the coordination of the production and distribution of promotional items throughout Europe.
We focus on added value. What we do, is a result of interaction with our clients and their target groups, 25.000 promotional items on stock,
a trading office in Hong Kong, product development, warehousing, logistics and web based services. Brand-Butler operates in Europe from
three locations: the Netherlands (head office), the UK and France.



This is maybe one of our most progressive clients. A’DAM Toren is a vertical city built in the previous HQ of Shell in Amsterdam,A'DAM Collectie
the Netherlands. The basement holds a club, up one level you will find the merchandise store including the lounge of the hotel.
The top floor contains a bar and restaurant with a 360-degree view over Amsterdam and on the roof there are swings which
make you fly 100 meter above the ground. Every year one million people visit the vertical city.
Since the start of this amazing project we produce the merchandise for their souvenir shop.
When making merchandise for stores we focus even more on quality and packaging to influence the perceptual value of an item.
These projects require more time for sampling than regular promotionalitems. Once developed, these merchandise lines become
collector’s items and will last for years.



Audi collectie


                                 Global automotive brand. We developed these high end gifts with a luxurious look for Audi in Algeria.
                                  From leather portfolios with silver foil print to laser engraved elegant pen sets. Classic but high value perception
                                  business gifts that confirm the strong position in the market for this client.









Bluewater CollectionBluewater

Bluewater is one of our historic clients and a leading company in the
yachting industry. A big player in yacht crew management and brokerage. 
We have been supplying the majority of their business gifts, giveaways and promotional products.
Anything from classic items such as caps, pens, USB flash drives and notebooks up to
fully branded Rubik’s cubes and seed cards. We always aim to propose fun and
practical items that correspond to the interest of their target groups.





               Burgers' zoo Collection                 One of the oldest and best known Zoo’s in the Netherlands.
                                With over one million visitors each year the Zoo is one of the biggest amusement parks in the Netherlands.
                                In 2013 they completely renewed their park store for which Brand-Butler developed their merchandise;
                                the collection is based on the parks’ eco panels which stand for different environments.
                                As compliances are very important, the park wanted to have as little impact as possible on their
                                environmental footprint and thus we carried out research on the source of each item.
                                As an example, the T-shirts are made using bio cotton (OETO-TEX certificate)
                                and the carrier bags are produced from recycled material (rPET).



Almost 11 years ago this company was one of our first big clients.
TheCreyf's Collection organisation behind this brand was USG People, nowadays part of the
Recruit Global Staffing Group; a world leading company for recruitment and HR services.
Led by market changes it was decided to change the brand name Creyf’s merging it 
into the Unique organisation. We produced the corporate gifts and developed seasonal
premiums for their account managers including management of their warehousing
by providing logistics for their 200 locations in the Netherlands.






                             No further introduction needed.Hilton Collection
                             For numerous of their hotel locations we develop premium gifts and merchandise. 
                             A few years ago they built a brand new hotel next to Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.
                             We took the shape of the windows of the hotel as an inspiration for their
                             premium items handed out to their clients and business relations.





Karl Lagerfeld

To most Karl Lagerfeld is known for his work achieved for big fashionKarl Lagerfeld Collection
brands such as Chanel or maybe people just know him for his eccentric looks.
Either way, he is one of the most iconic people in the fashion industry in the last century. 
We are proud knowing Karl Lagerfeld as a long term client and to work for the brand for many years now.
We develop high-end merchandise for their stores in Europe.
Working for such a prestigious brand means looking very precisely at each and
every detail of the production process.
Naturally there is a very fast turnaround because of the many collections.
We do a lot of sampling to achieve perfection and we take care of specific handling and


                             Probably the most famous jeansLevi's Kids Collectie
                             brand in the world.
                             On a yearly basis for the “Back to
                             School” campaigns we develop high
                             quality premiums used by Levi’s
                             retailers to boost their turnover. The
                             challenge, each year, is to propose
                             hot new items of practical use that
                             fits each target group.
                             Levi’s is a premium brand and so are
                             the items that we make for them.




This company does not need any introduction. Philips Collectie
We are very proud to be one of their most valued preferred suppliers for many years now.
Our collaboration started in 2012 on a small scale, today our business collaboration increases significantly. 
For each division on almost every level within the organisation we do projects from supplying stock items,
developing of premiums, and management of the distribution including the logistics and coordinating the sourcing
for their multiple locations. 
We continue to develop our partnership by delivering tailor made solutions and unique business models.
One example is the shop-in-shop environment we have built for the Global Event Teams who are active globally.
This unique business case makes sure that Philips does not have to invest, has almost no stock risk and is still able 
to have corporate gifts supplied within 10 days on six out of the seven continents. 


                                                                                                                 Special Olympics Belgium

                              Brand-Butler loves the Special Olympics Belgium.Special Olympics Belgium Collection
                              We are proud to be their bronze sponsor since 2014.
                              Special Olympics is an organisation founded by the Eunice Shriver member of the Kennedy family.
                              Today it is one of the three Olympic tournaments in the world.
                              Organising many sport events all year long from local sport events, National Games,
                              Winter- and Summer Games and World Games.
                              The World Games in Abu Dhabi was the biggest sporting event in the world in 2019. 
                              Brand-Butler produce and develop the merchandise including organising the logistics.
                              This year we also helped Special Olympics Finance develop their own cash register system and
                                                                                                                 merchandise store making it easier to present, stock and sell the supplied merchandise. 


The T-Mobile organisation wants toT-Mobile Collection keep their clients happy and fully
optimize the brands experience.
Not forgetting the people behind the brand who are just as important,
we developed, together with one of their partners, a unique Christmas gift
for their valued employees who work in their customer service centres. 



                               Y.CO CollectieA leading company in the yachting Industry. Since 2008 we are their
                               partner for the production of promotional items and the development
                               of their business gifts. Y.CO participates at many events and
                               fairs around the globe with Monaco hosting the most prestigious yacht
                               shows in the world where (The Monaco Yacht Show) HQ is also
                               located. Each year we challenge ourselves to
                               create new ideas in line with their corporate values. Clearwater is a
                               recent initiative of Y.CO with the aim of raising environmental awareness
                               for the pollution in our oceans. Together we developed a special
                               carrier bag made out of rPET material. The biggest learning curve
                                                                                                                  we have experienced from working with Y.CO is to understand their high
                                                                                                                  valued target group and their needs. Y.CO has a remarkable yellow colour
                                                                                                                  as their corporate colour. Producing various items from different
                                                                                                                  materials and finishes in that exact same colour is a challenge that we
                                                                                                                  love to meet.