About Brand-Butler

We are producer, importer and distributor of original promotional products and business gifts.
Brand-Butler has structured its activities by the following divisions throughout the regional offices in the Netherlands, the UK, France and Hong Kong:


Brand-Butler.com satisfies the need of businesses and organisations to easily order via the internet (personalised) business gifts and imprinted promotional products.

Custom Made

Inventing, creating, producing 100% unique promotional products.
Taking care of the entire process from production untill the delivery to our clients in Europe.

Retail & Merchandise

Distributes high quality gifts and/or merchandise to the retail.

Exhibition Stands

As of 2011 Brand-Butler has started with the creation & realisation of complete exhibition stands/booths.
This means we take care of the whole project from scatch (i.e. design, construction & dismantling).


Worldwide network of manufacturers and distributors

Brand-Butler is part of a worldwide network of manufacturers and distributors and uses several European Distribution Centres to deliver within the specified time frame. Depending on the demand, we can deliver directly from the producer in for example Asia.

We work closely with one of the largest and leading printing offices in Europe, which enables Brand-Butler to process all of its products at a very high-quality level.
Brand-Butler takes care of the entire import and sales process; from production and quality control to the coordination of transport as well as inventory control and delivery to the customer.

We recognise the importance of corporate positioning through an excellent mix of premiums and gifts that enhance the image of your company. It is our objective to work in partnership with you to build your brand equity through the right corporate message. All our items will be marked by the distinction of elegance and functionality to suit the occasion and the event.

Vision Brand-Butler

Nowadays globalisation is a fact and the intermediary trade will be facing more and more difficulties to maintain their added values in relation to the producers and large distributors. In addition, the ongoing development and more intensive use of the internet will facilitate the end user to communicate directly with producers or importers. The end user also has access to a great source of information and may in particular cases be better informed than the actual specialist about a specific trend or product(line).

Therefore the extra value of the intermediary trade has to be found in the control of the distribution chain instead of the basic product knowledge. The end user perfectly knows what he or she wants but has less knowledge of the distribution, the personalisation and customisation of the promotional products and business gifts. Brand-Butler provides a platform in which the customer may control thewhole process from A to Z, or may also indicate the degree of control they desire.

The role of corporate gifts, premiums and promotional products

It is becoming more and more difficult to understand the real reasons behind purchases for both the consumer and the business-to-business market. This is increasingly situation dependent. Therefore, premiums will be used more than before to create a specific emotion and consequently influence a situation positively with the final objective to obtain the desired result.

The appearance of advanced search engines facilitates the consumer or business user to find comparative products or alternative services. This zapping behaviour puts the client life cycle under continuous pressure. Therefore the extra value of a company is not to be found in the apparent unique proposition, but rather in the added value or emotional value (brand perception).

Corporate gifts serve a twofold purpose; emphasise a valuable customer relationship, and providing extra value to your company name, logo or proposition in terms of branding. Both are critical success factors in the client life cycle and therefore you could consider corporate gifts as well as promotional products as a distinctive communication channel.