The new catalogue of promotional items displays a variety of ideas and suggestions on how the products can help to maximize the delivery and impact of the message you wish to convey to your customers and relations. This year we have added 258 novelties and a large selection of environmental friendly items.

We hope that this new catalogue serves as a source of inspiration to aid your communication of the advantages and the most effective methods of promoting your business.

Promotional gifts are very often a piece of large advertising campaigns; as they are the perfect vehicle to connect brands to people.

The secret lies on carefully selecting the items that can best represent your company image or brands. By giving customers something practical that can be used everyday, a brand can accomplish being in the customers' mind every time they use the item, achieving a greater impact and recognition.

With our new catalogue we want to show you that our products are part of something much bigger: The promotional and communication campaigns. We sincerely hope that in the next pages you will find the inspiration that you need.

In this catalogue you will find a large variety of our USB Flash drives and powerbanks. Not all models that we deliver are shown in the catalogue so do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the USB flash drive or powerbank that you are looking for. Our sales team will listen to your request and advice you about the availability and branding possibilities.