Arbeiten bei Brand-Butler

Brand-Butler main focus is to market promotional products over the internet. All processes are managed and maintained online; consequently Brand-Butler has implemented an extremely flexible management organisation process. This flexibility is a key benefit of our proposition and is also incorporated in our staff management policy. We are always looking for new ideas and collaborations. In addition we aim to empower our employees with large levels of autonomy.

We at Brand-Butler are strongly aware of the possibilities of the internet and therefore make efficiently use of it. While searching for trendy promotional products and reliable new producers together with continuous trend watching, we use the internet in a smart way. This results in an extremely diversified and innovative array of products which allows us to constantly pioneer the market.


A career at Brand-Butler gives you the opportunity to benefit from large levels of flexibility and freedom. You will have an active role in the latest developments in the advertising industry and specialise in promotional products, premiums and business gifts.

Are you an enthusiastic and open minded person? are you aware of the latest trends in the market? Do you also have the ability to turn these trends into custom made plans to support our clients’ marketing campaigns? Then please send your cv together with a covering letter to: info[at]brand-butler[dot]com